Family Lawyers

The legal matter related to the family can be resolved by the family court lawyer from Ahmedabad

The Family Law is a legal area that deals with family matters and domestic relations. And the name only suggests that it is a branch of the law that covers all unresolved disputes or situations within families. The branch of the law includes different religions, personalized tradition with well-thought remedies to resolve your dispute quickly and it can be resolved by our best family lawyer Ahmedabad list.

One of the special aspects of the family lawyer is that it is a social and beneficial legislation. The law is established in India to resolve family disputes, although each state has a different system used to address family law cases, each state provides families with the best possible result in family law cases.

Family lawyers are experts in a law that deals with family-related issues and domestic relation including,

Adoption and legal matters

Child custody and maintenance

Family legal agreements

Wife maintenance

Senior citizen maintenance

Void and Null marriage

Paternity testing and fraud

Judicial Separation

Marriage issues


Family Law means the set of laws governing matrimony, divorce (way to end a marriage), domestic relationship, maintenance, child custody, adoptions. However, if the scope is enlarged, it may include succession as well.

Family Law includes a broad range of legal topics involving marriage and children. Common Family law subjects include divorce, child custody and visitation rights, child support payments, spousal support/alimony. Matters relating to adoption and guardianship of child are also covered under family law.

In India family law is an interesting subject because family law differs from community to community. The Hindus, the majority community has its own personal law (Family law), so have the Muslims, the largest minority community. The other minority communities such as Christians, parsis, jews have their own personal law.

Thus Family Laws in India are not codified and are largely based on customs and tradition of a particular community and differs from community to community.

Role of lawyer under labour law

Firstly, a lawyer can play role of a mediator by giving an opportunity to teach their own solution by the parties to the dispute.

Secondly, a lawyer can play role of a conciliator if it is directed by the court to settle the dispute between the parties to reach an agreement.

Lastly, a lawyer can help in solving family dispute related to maintenance, custody of children, divorce or matter related to adoption and succession.

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