Cyber Lawyers


Cyber Law or Internet Law is a term that summarizes the legal issues related to use of Internet. Cyber law is the area of law that deals with internet’s relationship to technological and electronic element e.g. computer, software, website, etc.

In general meaning, Cyber law can be considered as a law which deals with internet, e-commerce, digital contract, electronic records, cyberspace and their respective legal issues. Cyber Law covers a fairly broad area encompassing several topics like data protection, data security, digital transaction, electronic communication, including various constitutional rights like right to freedom of expression, online privacy and access and usage of internet as interpreted by Honourable Supreme Court through its various landmark judgements while referring Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

Growth and Development of Cyber law in India had been nominal before the enactment of Information Technology Act, 2000 but after the enactment there has been considerable growth in the field of cyber law in India mainly because of increase in use of Internet.

Role of lawyer under labour law

(i) Firstly, a lawyer can help a client if he/she has been victim of cyber crime. E.g. data theft, source code theft, hacking, defamation or breach of privacy.
(ii) Secondly, a lawyer can provide assistance to victim of financial crime which includes card fraud, online banking fraud, or any other digital fraud.
(iii) Thirdly, a lawyer can help you in registering copyright or trademark related to e-commerce website, online marketing, online advertisement including intellectual property right.
(iv) Fourthly, a lawyer can help you in registering e-commerce Company and various matters relating to it including funding, agreement, website review and legal compliance audit.
(v)Fifthly, a cyber lawyer can help you in dealing with forensic crime like mobile phones, hard disk, robotics, etc.
(vi)Lastly, a lawyer is helpful in drafting e-contracts for clients or web agreements for e- commerce Company.

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